Robot Tondeuse à Vision 3D avec Balayeuse

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Robot Tondeuse à Gazon Série LUBA 2 AWD


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Série LUBA 2 AWD

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@Robin Leatherbarrow

Luba does incredibly well on what is quite a difficult terrain. It is amazingly well built and as you can see, even manages to produce stripes.

@Chenio Miele

I was really amazed at how he can mow really tall grass... Tried with a 700 m2 map, the result was outstanding.

@Lawrence Van Der Helm

I am super impressed so far! My rideon mower would have gotten stuck! Hats off to the Mammotion team! Great product.

@Kobus van der Linde

Here LUBA is running on a hill where the slope varies between 15 and 35 degree.

@Tom Severini

It is doing a surprisingly great job. It cut the whole front lawn today with no interventions. It has every potential to be the leading fully automated lawnmower.

@Pastore Paolo

The 4 motors on every wheel have proven super useful. In my first trial, the machine hasn’t had any failures and the GPS position seems to be very accurate, even near the house.